Workshop 2: Elderly Depression & Mental Health Workshop


Join us for our second online workshop, Workshop 2: Elderly Depression & Mental Health. This workshop will cover the basics of identifying depression in the elderly and how to deal with it in your personal capacity. Attendees will also receive practical steps on the way forward in dealing with situations. This workshop will be presented by Melody Ziervogel and Letitia Strauss from Nazareth Care, alongside guest speaker Lenny Naidoo, from the Department of Health. After the workshop there will be an opportunity for questions and answers. We look forward to seeing you at our live event.

melody ziervogel

Melody Ziervogel
Quality of Life & Dementia Care

letitia strauss

Letitia Strauss
Occupational Therapist

Dr Lenny Naidoo

Dr Lenny Naidoo
Department of Health & Mental Health Specialist


Who should attend?

Anyone who has an elderly parent/friend or regularly interacts with the elderly.


Workshop topics to be discussed:


1. How to recognize depression in the elderly.

2. How to prevent depression in the elderly.

3. How to deal with anxiety in the elderly.

4. Practical steps for the way forward.



Day: Thursday, 12 November.

Time: 18:15 – 19:15


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