Nazareth Care is a non-profit organisation with a long standing heritage starting more than 135 years ago. Established in the UK by our Foundress and first Superior General, Victoire Larmenier Mother St. Basil, the Congregation has grown and expanded throughout the world, always seeking to care for the poor and needy of all ages.

In 2018, Sister Brenda McCall was elected Superior General for the organisation. Together with her four General Councillors, Sister Brenda is reviewing, updating and developing the business plan for the next six years at Congregation, Region and House levels to continue taking the Congregation forward towards the next Chapter in 2024.

Each region of Nazareth Care is further led by a Regional Sister Superior. Nazareth Care Africa is under the leadership of Sister Anne Margaret Craig, elected in 2016, together with Wayne Devy, Chief Executive Officer for Nazareth Care Africa. 


Sr Anne Margaret Craig, Nazareth Care Africa

Sister Margaret was born in England and during her teenage years she spent her time volunteering at Nazareth House Children’s Home in Bristol. This is where her deep love developed for the babies and children at the Home. She was also inspired by the love and dedication of so many of the nuns living and working there.

Sister Margaret always dreamt of marrying and having her own children one day, and never intended leaving the West Country village which she loved and where she had grown up. She gradually felt a strong call to “leave all and follow Him”, so that she could give herself wholeheartedly to the care of the most vulnerable and needy children who had been deprived of a normal and happy family life. After much inner struggle, she joined the Sisters of Nazareth in London in 1971. In 1976 she was suddenly transferred to Nazareth House in Pretoria.

Sister Margaret is influenced by the late Madiba, Nelson Mandela, as she came to South Africa just after the Soweto riots. She worked for 2 years in Mamelodi in the early ‘80’s during her social work training and experienced for herself the effects of the injustices, the brutality of so many army and police personnel, the struggles of so many, and the anxiety of being searched at gunpoint every time she went in and out. The forgiving spirit, the patience, and compassion of Madiba has always inspired her and carried her through these difficult times.

She gained her BA in social work at UNISA in 1985, and after a couple of years caring for the children in Nazareth House Durban, she was moved to Cape Town Nazareth House in 1986 to be a social worker and principal of the children’s home. Here she found a great sense of joy and fulfilment, as well as many challenges.

In 2013 she was appointed as superior of Nazareth House Johannesburg for 3 years. She really missed the hands-on involvement with the children, but gradually settled in and discovered new challenges, new friends, and new ways of doing things.

Since then, Sister Margaret has been appointed Regional Superior of the African Region of the Sisters of Nazareth. She had never been one to sit behind a desk all day, so the part of her job which she finds most rewarding and enriching entails visiting our Houses and Outreach projects throughout the Region. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of those who are most vulnerable and lonely. 

Chief Executive Officer

Wayne Devy, Nazareth Care Africa

With +25 years’ experience between the Tourism and Hospitality industry, Property & Facility Management, Healthcare and the Specialised Aged Care environment, Wayne Devy is fully equipped with the experience and conceptual understanding of business and operations within his field of expertise, which is of valuable asset to the organization.

Wayne has worked extensively in the managing and operating of large scale resorts, prestigious estates, healthcare facilities, non-profit organisations and a leading dementia care facility in an executive capacity. He has exclusive knowledge in maintaining a high level of standards and relationships for business and property development, whilst maximizing investment opportunities. Throughout his career, his impartiality in promoting and increasing the relevant stakeholders market share has been the core of his success by increasing dividends / revenue streams through the expansion of the organisations investment envelope including providing well-oiled and sustainable facilities. This includes not for profit organisations.

His strengths lie in strategic, operational and project management, and ability to grow and/or re-engineer operations with detailed emphasis on improving current levels of efficiency and effectiveness, always with a specific focus on enhanced client service levels. His passion for service excellence and development is an asset to the organization with his drive and charisma to expand, improve and/or sustain the organisation.

Areas of interest include innovative management, implementation of change behavior strategies, projects such as property and facility development specifically around residential care, dementia care, estate security intelligence, healthcare, hospitality and technologies management. Generally, Wayne prefers conceptual and strategic roles working with intra/entrepreneurs that are keen to grow together and whom have the passion and goal of improving the industry and their immediate environment.

Wayne is an honest and reliable person, a highly motivated, ambitious individual, driven to succeed in a challenging environment as both a team player and mentor. He is always willing and enjoys sharing knowledge with fellow colleagues. He is passionate about the care for and doing whatever possible to assist in providing the best quality of life for the elderly and those most vulnerable.