Staff CEO Support Fund - Phumla Boyce

In light of the pandemic, Wayne Devy, Nazareth Care Africa CEO, initiated the CEO Staff Support Fund with the mission to continue funding our non-essential staff who have been temporarily laid-off as well as any staff particularly struggling financially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We reached out to all staff at Nazareth Houses across the region and received a few applications for financial assistance. Meet Phumla Boyce from Nazareth House Port Elizabeth. Phumla is the sole breadwinner and a single parent of a household of 6 people. 

She has three children, aged 7 months, 10 years and 18 years old. Her eldest son is currently studying at university at the moment. She also supports her mother who suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure as well as her brother. Her brother had an accident which left him mentally disabled and Phumla financially cares for him too. He does not have a job and receives no assistance. Together they all live in a 2 bedroom home.

Phumla has been a dedicated and loyal employee at Nazareth House Port Elizabeth since 2014. 

Nazareth has committed to helping Phumla with a baby care hamper to assist in caring for her 7 month old, as well as a food voucher to help with her monthly grocery bill.

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