Staff CEO Support Fund - Nzipho Langa

Our Staff CEO Fund has been assisting many of our employees since the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Many of our employees have been struggling financial due to changing circumstances at home and we are intent on supporting them every way we can.

Nozipho Langa is a carer from Nazareth House Cape Town. She has been with our organisation for four years now, where she has proven herself to be a valuable team member and committed to caring for our residents.

Throughout lockdown she faithfully worked and continued putting the needs of our residents ahead of her own. She is the sole breadwinner to her family of 4 children. Nozipho’s husband is currently unemployed and she supports her mother who is diabetic and disabled due to her loss of one leg. Nozipho also supports her deceased sister’s children. 

We salute your Nozipho and thank you for your service to Nazareth Care. We are glad the assistance brings a smile to you and your family during this time! 

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