Gift ideas for seniors

Gift ideas for seniors

The giving of gifts is not one of the five love languages for no reason. A well-chosen gift can go a long way to making a person feel special and loved. But as our loved ones grow older, choosing thoughtful gifts can become more difficult. They may be less attached to possessions or simply have less space to keep them. Things that once brought them joy may now seem superfluous. Don’t despair! We are sure you’ll find inspiration in our list of gift ideas …

Gift ideas for seniors

1. Magazine subscriptions

Subscribing Mom or Dad to a magazine that aligns with their interests or hobbies will spark joy all year round – and they are sure to think of you every time they read it.

Gift ideas for seniors

2. A pot plant

Pot plants are a great alternative to flowers as they last so much longer. Perhaps your loved one was an avid gardener but is now confined to a room in a care facility. A pot plant is a way of bringing the garden to them and allowing them to tend to something. For those with a little more space to spare, a raised gardening box is a great idea. This will allow them to continue gardening without getting down on their hands and knees.

Gift ideas for seniors

3. Photographs

Give them a trip down memory lane: Frame photographs of special moments spent together or collect them in a photo album. A digital picture frame is also a good idea if there is limited wall space.

Gift ideas for seniors

4. Adult colouring books

These popular colouring books have been known to keep adults entertained for hours and are even said to fend off depression.

Gift ideas for seniors

5. A board game

There are so many options: Scrabble, Boggle, Thirty Seconds, Pictionary … A well-chosen board game will provide hours of entertainment and will be all the more special if you join in the fun!

Gift ideas for seniors

6. Customised gift basket

Compile a hamper of little things that you know will put a smile on their face … Coffee, tea, rusks, hand lotion, a notebook, flower seeds – any small thing that you know will be meaningful or useful to them.

Gift ideas for seniors

7. Write a letter or poem

Few things can mean more than your heartfelt words of love and gratitude. Express them in a handwritten letter or a poem dedicated to Mom or Dad.

Gift ideas for seniors

8. Something practical

Does she struggle to open jars? Give her an electric jar opener. Is it an effort for him to reach items on the floor or in the back of the cupboard? Consider buying him a reacher. Take note of the little things that could make life easier or more comfortable for them.

Gift ideas for seniors

9. Art or craft supplies

Encourage Mom or Dad in their hobby by giving them the necessary equipment.

None of the above sounds like just the thing? Why not give an experience instead of a tangible gift? Here are some ideas …

Gift ideas for seniors

1. A beauty treatment

Treat her to a facial, manicure, pedicure or a relaxing back massage.

2. A meal at their favourite restaurant

Many of the most precious memories are formed around the dinner table. Take Mom or Dad to their favourite restaurant or invite them over and cook their favourite meal.

3. A music subscription

Music has the power to lift the spirit. This is a gift that they can enjoy every day.

Gift ideas for seniors

4. Theatre trip

Take Mom or Dad to the opera or ballet.

5. A picnic

Fill a picnic basket with their favourite things and pick a beautiful nature spot. Many wine farms also offer ready-packed picnic baskets to order.

6. A family photo session

Family photo sessions can be so much fun, and they will cherish the photographs forever.

Gift ideas for seniors

7. Craft or hobby classes

Hobbies are very important for maintaining quality of life in the later years. Why not give Mom or Dad a nudge in the right direction by enrolling them for a class that aligns with their interests?

8. A weekend away

Time together is undeniably the most precious gift you can give your loved one.

In the end, it is the thought that counts. The more in tune you are with your loved one, the better you’ll understand their needs and the more spot-on your gift will be. Happy gifting!

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