Core Value: Patience

Our core values are not just to us, employees at Nazareth Care, an organizational goal but also a personal goal that intertwines with our micro, mezzo and macro being, that when fully assimilated these core values become a part of us and a part of our being. As I consider the core value of the month, Patience. I consider first what Patience means. The Oxford dictionary defines Patience as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. In other words, patience is the capacity to bear and endure whatever one faces without evoking negative thoughts or outcomes. How frequent in our personal and professional lives do we have our patience tested and how do we respond to our patience being tested? What would you do if you had to hear the same story more times than once, reprimanding a child who repeats what they are being reprimanded for, standing in a long unmoving line, being stuck in traffic or trying to untangle a tangled thread or necklace. Even when you know how to define patience it is imperative to consider how you implement patience. For me you do this by demonstrating and actively incorporating patience in all your relationships and circumstances. The question that may arise is how exactly you incorporate and demonstrate patience. 

Firstly, by actively applying the following, starting with, being empathetic, compassionate and seeing situations and circumstances through the eyes of others. It is important to consider others not just in one spectrum but has a kaleidoscope. When you begin to understand and share the feelings of another that is when you learn to master patience.

Secondly by active listening, you should not be in a hurry, take your time to process and understand the reason, for there is always a reason. Truly listening will affect how you respond to another person and will enhance mutual understanding. One must remember as in Proverbs 15vs 18 that patience brings peace. The word also reminds us that we must be still and not become weary in doing good. The word further advises us to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

Let us shield ourselves from becoming impatience by being present with one another. By committing to be in the same space “shoes” as others and by having an all-encompassing frame of mind. Patience might not come naturally to all of us, but one has to make a conscious decision to express and practice patience on a daily basis. May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind towards each other that Christ Jesus gave us. Next time you start to feel impatient take a few breaths, listen, be empathetic and soon you would have mastered Patience.

Chipo Makwehe

Facility Manager at Nazareth House Johannesburg

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