140 Years of Caring, celebrating the Sisters of Nazareth

Victoire Larmenier, foundress of the Sisters of Nazareth, opened the first Nazareth House in 1857 in Hammersmith, England, at the request of Cardinal Wiseman, Archbishop of Westminster.  This was to address the growing problem of orphans, abandoned children and frail elderly who were homeless and neglected in the large cities of Victorian times. By the […]

My Vocational Journey: Sister Bulangizi Mugande

When l was in primary school we were taught by the sisters ( Missionary Daughters of Calvary). l always admired their beautiful white habits. And l wanted to be a sister because of sister’s habits. At secondary school the desire of being a sister grew strong in me. I vividly remember when we were asked […]

My Vocational Journey: Sister Chitondezyo Nyoni

I belong to a family of three girls of which l am the last born. Since my childhood I had a desire of being a religious Sister because each and every day I used to admire the Daughters of Calvary Sisters at our Parish. I was inspired much by their prayer life, hospitality and ministry. […]

Celebrating our Core Values: Justice

Victoire Larmenier was fair and impartial with everyone, even when people or issues were difficult or challenging. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice for they shall be satisfied.” – Matt 5:6 We uphold what is fair, decent, respecting his/her rights in a balanced and fair manner. The core value of justice requires […]

My Vocational Journey: Sister Mirriam Wangúi Nduta

The earliest time I remember actively engaging in thoughts of being a Sister was when I was in my third year of high school. Back in the day, we had this trend where we wrote journals about our future aspirations, desires, and the likes. For fun, we had our friends write what their predictions about […]

My Vocational Journey: Sister Carolyne Kadogo

sisters of nazareth

I am Sister Carolyne Kadogo Lumula. I was born and brought up in the Western Part of Kenya, in a small town called Kakamega, in a family of 8 children. Two boys and six girls. I was the second born but the first of girls. My parents were farmers and so this means that we […]

Core Value: Patience

Our core values are not just to us, employees at Nazareth Care, an organizational goal but also a personal goal that intertwines with our micro, mezzo and macro being, that when fully assimilated these core values become a part of us and a part of our being. As I consider the core value of the […]

Sister Bridget Ambrose

I was born on the 23rd of February 1935 in County Limerick Rose. I am the oldest of twelve children (7 girls and 5 boys.) I attended National School in Shanagolden until I finished my schooling certificate. The Sisters of Nazareth often came to our school recruiting vocations and we were given many pamphlets and […]

Celebrating our Core Values: Compassion

In this autumn month of May in the African Region, we reflect on the virtue of Compassion, identified as one of our core values. Compassion as we know is not a stand-alone virtue; rather it is closely related to kindness, empathy, understanding, and solidarity. Compassion, whatever our beliefs, can be described as “putting ourselves in […]

Welcoming our new CEO

It is with great excitement that we welcome the new incoming Chief Executive Officer for Nazareth Care Africa, Mr. Henco Walker. Those of you that are familiar with Nazareth Care, will know that Henco has been the organization’s Regional Manager: Operations, Property & Risk for the past 3 years. The continuation and success of the […]