Leaving a bequest

Most of us get great satisfaction from doing good, from making the world a better place, from changing the lives of others for the better. Not all of us however, are able to give to the extent we might wish during our lifetime.

That’s where making a bequest to an institution such as Nazareth House can be the best way of making a difference in this world, ensuring your memory lives on, and bringing you great personal satisfaction.

It costs nothing now. Only when you no longer need it is your money put to work to bring comfort, help and hope to those most in need – keeping your spirit of compassion and generosity alive for years, even generations, to come.

What kind
of bequest
is best

There are many different ways of structuring a bequest, depending on your circumstances.

A specific sum of money is the simplest bequest, but it makes no allowance for the effects of inflation, nor any future changes in the value of your estate.

By leaving a percentage of your estate, you ensure a fair distribution amongst all the beneficiaries in your Will, regardless of any changes in the value of your estate.

Another popular way of leaving money to charity, is to bequeath the residue of your estate – whatever is left over after family and friends have received their portion. You can also allocate a percentage of the residue among several beneficiaries.

Another form of bequest is to cede a life insurance policy, which is no longer needed by loved ones, to an organisation like Nazareth House. Alternatively, a new policy may be taken out, naming Nazareth House as the beneficiary.

Specific items may also be bequeathed, e.g. a house or other real estate, motor vehicles, antiques, artwork and items of jewellery.

Whatever form of bequest is right for you, and whatever its value, it will make a difference.

If you
already have
a will

You can add a bequest to Nazareth House to an existing Will, simply by completing a codicil and keeping it together with the original Will.