A Story from one of our Carers

Why I became a nurse?

I wanted to do something in my career that was challenging and interesting and made a difference in people’s daily lives. In the nursing or caregiver profession, you deal with so many aspects of patient care, old age people, abused and abandoned children. I enjoy the variety as my routine changes. No matter whom I’m caring for, patient care is always a priority.

As a nurse, I always remember the core values of the Sister s of Nazareth; Respect, Love, Compassion, Patience, Justice and Hospitality.

Some chose nursing because of the varying number of opportunities. To be a nurse is exciting! It’s a fast-paced profession. Staff may have long shifts; you need to discover your special passion and develop your skills. Balancing work life can be difficult; it’s important to make friends and find ways to have fun.

What I’ve learned in this difficult time of the coronavirus is to concentrate on may things at once. Your life, the people around you, to wash your hands each and every time you touch something, and to focus on the patient’s health. You can’t just use water to wash your hands; soap is essential, Jik is also very important, take more time to wash your hands, you must protect yourself! It becomes a routine.

If you exposed, go for testing, you cannot be selfish and risk others!

It also helps us, as colleagues, to work together as a team. We know the needs of the patients and the equipment we supposed to use. Because we are so committed to what we do, we should never underestimate our abilities as a carer. You can do more to help society; nursing is really fun if it’s your calling!

Some people just become carers because they want money. Caring is not in their hearts. I love to be a nurse, and I am proud, I will continue to serve the community. The doctors are busy and the labs are searching for the cure for the virus, it could take years to be found. In the meantime, cover your mouth and your nose!

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