Quality of

At Nazareth Care, the focus is on Quality of Life and this remains the central goal of the entire organization.

Quality of Life may be defined as encompassing personal culture along with physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The implementation of Occupational Therapy facilitates a holistic intervention, which is aimed at providing a unique, person-centered treatment approach to every resident, based on his/her unique needs, abilities and preferences. 

At Nazareth Care the residents are provided with the most comfortable, safe, stimulating, welcoming, and homely environment for them to spend their golden years, knowing they are valued, loved and understood. 


At Nazareth House, our residents are loved and cared for in a holistic way, and we aim to fulfil in all of their physical, psychological and spiritual needs. We offer an activity programme, designed by an Occupational Therapist, and a program dubbed “Life@Nazareth. Through this program, we provide opportunities for engagement in various activities to cater for each resident’s needs, and specifically designed for each resident’s level of functioning. Activities include physical activities such as chair exercises, cognitive activities such as board games and quizzes, sensory activities such as baking and gardening, as well as spiritual activities such as hymn singing and bible studies. We also celebrate special days and events such as Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas, with themed activities. Furthermore, we encourage all residents to engage in socializing with others, and to enjoy the facilities and gardens. At Nazareth House, we want our residents to feel right at home, and to live their golden years to their full potential!

nazareth care activity plan nazareth care activity plan nazareth care activity plan 4

The Life@Nazareth programme is based on a 4 week cycle. Above is a standardized activity programme for all the Nazareth Houses. This programme is the baseline program, and will be adjusted for the different house depending on the residents’ level of functioning and the resources available. In addition to this, we will also have special activities for special days and celebrations such as Easter, Spring Day, Christmas, etc. 

A Meaningful

Through our unique person-centered approach it ensures you or your loved are being cared for as an individual and not a patient. We strive to decrease the institutionalization feel associated with care homes and encourage a home like environment through providing life, joy, and spontaneity of various activities for our residents.

All our staff have bought into this approach and embrace it in each activity they do. Our residents appreciate this environment, forming meaningful friendships with our staff and other residents.