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Dementia Care Home

The Villa is dedicated to creating an environment that not only caters to the physical well-being of our residents but also nourishes their emotional, social, and psychological needs. Person-centered care is more than just a philosophy for us; it’s the cornerstone of our approach to dementia care. We understand that every individual living with dementia has their own life story, preferences, and experiences that deserve to be respected and celebrated.

Therefore, our approach is deeply rooted in the philosophy of person-centered care, an approach that shifts the focus from the diagnosis of dementia to the unique and individual needs of each resident.

In the realm of dementia care, Nazareth Care is deeply committed to delivering all-encompassing residential care services tailored specifically to the unique needs of older individuals living with dementia. Our holistic methodology places paramount importance on addressing the multifaceted aspects of their well-being, encompassing their physical, emotional, and social requirements. Within this framework, we strive to cultivate a compassionate and nurturing environment dedicated to enhancing the quality of dementia care.

We go beyond conventional labels, persistently focusing on the individual behind the diagnosis. They remain a cherished mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent, or dear friend.

Our profound understanding of the needs of individuals living with dementia has led us to tailor the environment within The Villa uniquely. This customization enables our residents to maintain a sense of normalcy in their lives.

The paramount requirement for those living with dementia is not an abundance of clinical care but rather a deeper level of comprehension and empathy. It begins with recognizing that the person’s consciousness persists, regardless of their responses.

Enhancing the quality of life extends beyond fostering independence, as unchecked independence can lead to isolation. At The Villa, our primary emphasis is on cultivating meaningful relationships that offer trust and dependable support.

A resident’s role extends beyond being a mere recipient of care; they are regarded as active partners in their well-being. Realizing this, residents must establish a strong sense of identity within the community. This self-defined identity not only fosters independence but also contributes to their unique version of self.

Individuals living with dementia often encounter challenges related to eating, which may arise from a diminished appetite, issues with decision-making, difficulties with chewing and swallowing, or environmental distractions.

At The Villa, our commitment lies in promoting autonomy in dietary choices for our residents. We achieve this by providing a range of options, including finger foods, plated or buffet-style service, the choice between in-room or dining room seating, mealtime assistance, and sensory-inclusive dining experiences.

For individuals living with dementia, their sphere of experience can significantly shrink, often leading to increased reliance on external assistance. Our primary objective is to instill within our residents a profound sense of self and purpose. We approach this holistically by identifying and nurturing their inherent strengths, offering support that is free from overbearing monitoring, and providing a meaningful role within The Villa community.

At the heart of our philosophy lies a steadfast commitment to continual and transparent communication. This commitment entails the regular and ongoing exchange of information, thoughts, feelings, and ideas among family members, fostering a collaborative and harmonious environment for our residents.

Our resolute team, tailor-made care plans, and unwavering dedication to excellence are all geared towards establishing a nurturing and supportive environment. Here, residents have the opportunity to age gracefully, savor a life filled with meaning, and experience a profound sense of fulfillment.

dementia care home

We take pride in offering exceptional accommodation in our dementia care home that ensures both comfort and security. Our well-appointed living spaces are designed to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, combining homeliness with functionality. Each room is carefully set up to meet the unique needs and preferences of older persons. 

Residents can choose from a range of room types, varying in size and layout. Some including private bathrooms, additional living areas, and scenic views. We prioritize resident safety by ensuring that our rooms are equipped with features like grab bars, emergency call systems, and wheelchair accessibility where needed. Furthermore, we promote personalization by encouraging residents to bring their cherished belongings, photographs, and mementos to create a familiar and personalized living space that truly feels like home.

Boasting some of the best views of Cape Town, with Table Mountain as its’ backdrop, The Villa – dementia care home offers its’ residents a large open outdoor spaces to enjoy the views. Access in and out of The Villa is strictly controlled, so residents can roam through the home freely at all times.

The Villa – dementia care home is located in a heritage building that has been renovated and designed specifically for the needs of our residents. With light and bright rooms, many boasting a view over the mountain, gardens, or Cape Town City Bowl. Rooms are unfurnished so residents may decorate their rooms as they please with familiar furniture. All rooms have built in cupboard space. Rooms sizes do vary and are allocated based on availability. All bathrooms are designed for use with residents who may have restricted mobility.

Residents have full access to the communal areas inside and out of the dementia care home all day long. The TV room, lounge, and dining room are the hub of the house with daily activities taking place.

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Dementia workshops

Dementia Dialogues is a 12-part learning series hosted by dementia expert, Rayne Stroebel. The workshop takes place on the last Thursday of every month at Nazareth House Cape Town in person or it can be attended online. We invite you to partake in this learning journey with us.

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Dementia care involves providing specialised support and compassion to older persons living with cognitive decline, helping them navigate daily life, manage challenges, and maintain a sense of dignity and well-being in a secure and understanding environment.