Dementia Dialogues

Dementia Dialogues is a 12-part series hosted on the last Thursday of every month (the December workshop will take place on the 2nd Thursday) at Nazareth House Cape Town. We invite you to partake in this learning journey with us, all attendees will receive a dementia notebook, and refreshments will be served. Workshops run from 13:00 -14:00, with the Let’s Talk support/knowledge-sharing group taking place from 14:00 – 15:00. Parking is available onsite; please enter through Nazareth House Cape Town’s main entrance.

About Rayne Stroebel

In 1996 Dr Stroebel founded the only organisation in South Africa that provides a full range of services to the long-term support and care sector for older persons: Gerontological Research, Training, Education and Caring (GERATEC). At the heart of the organisation is the bright light of Dr Stroebel’s passion to change the narrative of ageing and go beyond the borders of concepts that define care for older persons. His expert knowledge is fully illustrated through academic achievements by obtaining an honours and a master’s degree, and a PhD in dementia studies. Dr Stroebel continues to extend the wealth of knowledge, acquired through his life’s work in the long-term care sector, through his public speaking engagements and the training of more than 3 000 caregivers to date where he stimulated different approaches to caring for older persons.